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Microschool Support

Support That Helps Your Microschool Thrive

Running a Microschool brings everyday challenges, but getting great support shouldn’t be one of them


Tailored strategies, templates, content, and expert guidance to help you consistently achieve your enrollment goals.


Ensure each student excels academically and socially, making learning an extraordinary journey.


Software and tools to streamline your day-to-day operations, helping you handle weekly decisions with ease.


Join a vibrant community of fellow founders and educational innovators, sharing insights and support for mutual growth.

Meet Your Enrollment Goals

We offer comprehensive marketing strategies designed to help you connect with more families in your community. Our proven methods have been tested and successfully implemented across the country. As a part of KaiPod's Support Network, you not only benefit from our local marketing efforts, but you also gain placement on our national Microschool Marketplace. This exposure will showcase your services to hundreds of thousands of families annually, providing you with a valuable opportunity to expand your reach and grow your business.

Boost Student Achievement

We provide comprehensive support for Microschools to help improve academic achievement and enrich student experiences. As our valued partner, you will have access to our extensive library of resources. This will enable you to develop and facilitate exciting and effective learning experiences for your students, ensuring their educational success and overall growth.

Bring Order Back to Your Day

Looking to save time and money? Our all-in-one software package is designed with microschools in mind, offering a suite of tools to streamline your operations. From job candidate screening to hiring tools, we make the process of finding the perfect candidate a breeze. Additionally, take advantage of our partner discounts to access support for accounting, payroll, and even finding a substitute when needed. With our comprehensive solutions, you can get back to focusing on students and families!

Be Part of a National Network

Ensure that your families and students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of in-person and virtual programs. This can include joining social clubs and taking part in national competitions like coding hackathons and chess championships. By leveraging our national programming, you can offer a diverse range of activities that can rival those found in larger school systems.

Microschool Support

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Microschool Management Software

KaiPod Newton

Partner Microschools can access Newton, an easy-to-use desktop and mobile app that takes the stress out of your day-to-day Microschool operations.

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Microschool Support

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