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The Face of Education Can be Yours

KaiPod Catalyst partners with visionary educators and changemakers like you to provide the expertise needed to start and operate a Microschool that serves the needs of their community.

Start a Microschool with KaiPod Catalyst

It's Your Moment to Start a Microschool

Millions of families in the United States are seeking better education options for their children. Microschools can succeed where traditional school models have fallen short. 

Have More Impact

Create transformative experiences with personalized education, addressing each student's unique needs.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Realize your passion for innovative education by developing a learning environment that embodies your educational philosophy.

Gain Autonomy and Freedom

Take control of the educational process, allowing for creativity and flexibility without the limitations of traditional school systems.

Personal Growth

Enhance your professional journey by becoming a leader in your community.

Career Flexibility

Being a Microschool founder also means being a business owner and a boss. Your future looks so much brighter when you're in control.

Transform Your Community

Starting a Microschool offers the immense opportunity to shape the education landscape in your community while changing the lives of a generation of young learners.

Start a Microschool

Can You be an Amazing Microschool Founder?

Microschool Founders are educators, parents, community leaders, and other passionate leaders. It’s hard work, but success begins with these characteristics. Do you have what it takes?


Microschool Founders are driven by a deep commitment to creating innovative and personalized learning experiences.

Problem Solver

You see an opportunity to address the education needs of your community in a way that puts learners first.


Founders remain committed despite bumps in the road. You embrace the idea that failure is an opportunity to learn.​

Visionary Leader

You have a clear vision for your Microschool and aren't afraid to share it with everyone, inspiring others to support your efforts.


You excel at building strong relationships and are dedicated to serving the education needs of your community, whatever they are.


You're comfortable with constant change and can adjust to meet students' needs. You know that leading means listening.

Catalyst Provides All the Expertise You Need to Launch, Run, and Grow a Microschool

Marketing and Outreach

Community Engagement

Finance and Fundraising

School Location



Academic Programming

Student Experience

Why Start a Microschool With Catalyst?

  • Access to all the content, coaching, and expertise needed to launch your Microschool

  • Personalized guidance from dedicated Account Managers through monthly meetings

  • A vibrant community of innovative leaders, professional development, and cutting-edge curriculum resources

  • Expert guidance for marketing, outreach, and regulatory support

  • A suite of optional tools and services, including student assessments, crisis management, and more personalized guidance through monthly meetings, ensuring you have the strategic insight and administrative support needed to excel. 
No. 1

Catalyst is the first choice for education entrepreneurs wanting to start a Microschool

100 +

Founders who have participated in the program since 2023

6 X

The success rate for founders launching a Microschool compared to the national average

3 yrs

We support Founders for 3 years after their Microschool launches, helping ensure their fullest potential

Start a Microschool

Ready to Become a Microschool Founder?

The next KaiPod Catalyst application deadline is 8/31/2024

Meet Some of Our Founders

Microschool Vision Building Kit

Are you thinking about starting a Microschool? Our free kit can help you explore your curiosity and motivation. It includes fun and interactive activities designed to help you create an initial vision for your school.

Microschool Vision Building Kit

Start a Microschool

KaiPod Catalyst FAQ

We welcome creative thinkers passionate about education and eager to build new learning pathways in their community. Ideal candidates include teachers, community leaders, parents, and professionals who share a vision for improving education equity. 

Anyone can start a school – but it takes real commitment and capacity to do the hard work. In our experience supporting Founders across America, we have seen that the most successful Founders have:

    • 10-15 hours per week to commit to building their school

    • Personal savings and/or a supportive partner to rely on for the first year (if the school doesn’t hit full enrollment right away)

    • A willingness to take a risk and fail


If this sounds like you, KaiPod Catalyst will be there with you every step of the way and for three years after. If you commit to this journey, we’ll commit to you.

Many of our Catalyst Founders have launched their Microschool within a year of beginning the program. It’s different for everyone, but that’s a reasonable time frame to strive for.

We’re excited about diverse, personalized learning environments. Whether your idea resembles a broad vision or a school focused on areas like STEM, Nature, or Neurodiverse learners, all microschools share the key values of student-centered learning, parental choice, and engaging environments.

There’s no up-front cost to join! Once you launch a Microschool, we partner with you for three years and receive ongoing support in exchange for a per-student fee.

Catalyst is designed for the best of both worlds. Content is delivered in a course format so you can work through it at your own pace. You’ll be a part of a small group, join regular synchronous group meetings, and have access to regularly scheduled webinars, workshops, and coffee chats. In addition, you’ll also receive regular 1:1 feedback and coaching. 

Initially, expect to spend 10-15 hours per week, increasing as the launch date for your Microshcool approaches. Full-time dedication is anticipated post-launch. 

Yes! We help with introductions to funders, grant application support, and recommendations to secure initial capital to get your school up and running.

Post-launch, you receive personalized support, services, and access in the following categories:

  1. Personalized support through monthly meetings: You’ll meet monthly with an Account Manager who understands your unique program needs. This includes strategic guidance, administrative support, and ongoing professional development, ensuring you can focus on running your Microschool effectively.

  2. Professional development: You have access to monthly professional development sessions tailored to your needs throughout the year. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, from community building and student assessment to marketing strategies and financial planning, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to lead your Microschool successfully.

  3. Microschool curriculum resources: These provide guidance on curriculum selection and development, as well as access to KaiPod’s curriculum discounts. This support ensures you have high-quality educational materials that meet your students’ needs and align with your educational goals.

  4. Vibrant Community of Microschool Founders: You’ll maintain access to our vibrant community of Microschool founders and experts, including monthly founder coffee chat meetings, and small group support meetings. These activities foster collaboration, shared learning, and mutual support among Microschool leaders.

Great question! KaiPod has been operating its own Microschools (we call them pods) for nearly three years. We quickly realized that our long-term success depends on helping others start their own Microschools. We’re unique because we have the knowledge and experience from operating our own KaiPod Learning locations across the country, and that experience is reflected on the success rate for creating new Microschool Founders. With Catalyst, we’re passing our vast knowledge onto you. The only difference is your Microschool will be entirely your own! We’re also the only program of its kind that continues to support Founders for three years post-launch, with the option for continued support beyond that.

We’re happy to discuss any questions you have. Send us a message at [email protected]

Start a Microschool

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