Microschool Management Software

Running a Microschool Shouldn't Feel Like Homework

Newton is Microschool Management software for mobile and desktop that makes it easy to operate your Microschool efficiently in one app so you can spend more time changing lives.

KaiPod Newton Microschool Management Software

Microschool Management Simplified

Task Planner

Newton's task planner allows students, parents, educators, and school admins to co-manage weekly plans and task lists. This fosters collaboration, and the option to post photos of paper plans or completed assignments is also available.


Easily communicate with educators and parents. Receive essential messages through email, text message, or push notifications and never miss an important message.

Photo Gallery

Take photos of your students with your smartphone and upload them to create a weekly plan or share the moments with their families. Each photo can be tagged for every student for parents to see their child's daily progress.

Student Informatiion

Manage all essential student data in one place. Monitor details such as parents' contacts, enrollment history, preferred curriculum, authorized pickups, health and safety information, and academic records.


Add an enrollment form to your website, easily import it into KaiPod Newton. Manage multiple sites, student groups, and programs like summer camps, day school, and afterschool activities.


Take attendance for the school day, including if a student leaves and returns for a doctor's visit, dentist appointment, etc. Easily editable and reportable.


Easily set your own prices and have parents pay recurring tuition payments by credit card or direct bank withdrawal.

Microschool Management Software

Why Microschools Love Newton

Founders and Educators

Founders and Educators

Replace post-its for task planning, say goodbye to one-way parent messages, and consolidate enrollments, payments, and student information management into a single, efficient app for mobile and desktop.



No matter which curriculum or subject, all student goals are in one convenient list that is easy to access, edit, and check off when the task is done.



No more scattered conversations across emails and texts. Gain complete transparency and control over your children’s goals and progress in one simple experience. 

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Microschool Management Software

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